Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eclectic Approach

Still looking for clothes to wear on Eid?

You still have a chance to look unique. Visit Eclectic Boutique's exhibition which starts today.

If you havn't heard about them, Eclectic Boutique is a new Kuwaiti online shop that introduces new and exclusive brands of young designers from all over the world. They're launching their furniture section soon!

Website's featured brands:
Senada Theory
Future Classics (I love this!)
Evan Biddell
Nervous System

Location: Adailiya, Block 2, Sultan Al-Kulaib street, House 41.

Time: 8-10th September


  1. Just checked their websit their designs are distinctive and all but I think they need a wider range.

  2. True..but i think thats always the case with new website sure the exhibition has a wider range