Friday, September 4, 2009

Olivia Oil

You don't have to like a person to be an admirer. That's the case when it comes to Olivia Palermo. I always looove the way she looks! I abhor her attitude towards others and her narcissism is another issue! I guess its the big bucks plus the amazing goodlooks!

I first saw Olivia, 23, in MTV reality TV series, The Hills spinoff, The City. She was Whitney Port's coworker in DVF (Diane von Furstenberg). I thought she really looked familiar! OMG! Leighton Meester! They could be sisters! And today, I found out that that Palermo has been the inspiration behing the role of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl! No wonder!I bet this is old news to you guys! its new to me. I'm lagging in celebrity gossip. Not something I'm a fan of.

So it seems that this Palermo chick is New York's "it" girl and the biggest socialite around. She works in PR in DVF and she models. Her father is a real estate developer and her mom's a interior designer. Wow glamorous fam! She knows everyone worth knowing and goes everywhere worth going! What more? She has this model for a boyfriend! Gorgeooooooooooous!


  1. Same here! I love her style, looks and BOYFRIEND lmao! But her attitude is so spoil brat! But you never know I mean she is from the reality show the city and it's a spin off the hills which is completely fake! So maybe she's supposed to act as the bitch, maybe she's actually really nice :P haha

  2. maybe, u have to think bout what that guy sees in her other than her looks, so i guess she has a good side..i really thought the shows were real..i think the love/hate relationships aren't fake and maybe the show added to the script like bringing in characters and giving jobs and making everyone hang out at the same place 'coincidently'!

  3. *faints*

    sheeennnoooo hathaa?! bnt ellathena mn weeen yaybetaaa *criieeesss* abee wa7ed methlaaaa shlooon?!

  4. ihya bint ilatheena itshawiiig! shes like so rich, beautiful, and stylish she can get anyone..bas nafsiya o shayfa ro7ha..atwaqa3 hadaw ba3ath:P