Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Wedding Album 1

I enjoy watching people's pictures as much as I enjoy capturing moments. I'm no amateur. Ever since I got my Canon Digital Rebel XTI professional camera in 2007 and I still haven't gotten any better in taking pictures. In every 700 photos taken, just 1-2 come out asthetically beautiful!

But a new passion surfaced by the beginning of this year. It's not something I practice but would love to try it someday.

Wedding photography. Engagement photography. Two beings in love and their love captured in the best possible ways. Unaware yet flawless and beautiful.

I have a long list of favorites, and I think I will be introducing two photographers in each post I write. I wouldn't be able to post the good pictures (some may be private and it doesn't feel right), so make the most of what I have added otherwise check out their websites and/or blogs.

1- Kathrine O'Brien
With an experience of 20 years as a photographer, O'Brien focuses on wedding, documentary, and portrait photography. By far she is my top favorite photographer!

2- Feather Love Photography

This is another favorite. Feather Love is owned by Noa Azoulay-Sclater, its photgrapher and designer. She does weddings, engagements, portraits, bands, and art photgraphy. Amazing effects.
I found this photo from Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's Wedding that I thought they wouldn't mind me using (hopefully).

If I get married, I would love to model to such magnificent geniuses. Yes, I would want to cross continents to have such stills. Inshallah.


  1. Yeaa I feel that too, I love professional photographs that convey meaning and true emotions. Lighting and composition also play a huge role. I've seen some phenomenal wedding pictures done by professionals in the States and I would love to have some of me one day !

  2. 7aneen inshallah u do! its sad that we dont have this in our country 9a7? we have good young professional photographers bas mu hatha itijahum;/ plz do mention a good photographer if u find a name i would love to find more about them..and ur in the states, u can do self portraits for now:)

  3. ehehe yaa i guess,,

    shofay i check this site ALWAYS.. you can find a lot of photographers here

  4. shhal blog! 3ajeeb! mu bas photgraphers i got a lot of entertainment ideas..thanks a lot!

  5. the first picture is so romantic;)