Thursday, September 3, 2009

Munching on Munch

I hosted a ghabga (Ramadan dinner gathering) in our tent.  The menu was made up of mainly of Munch's dishes. Saffron Chicken Skewers with Spicy Ketchup, Falafel & Labnah Fillo, and Milk Chocolate Pudding. The latter is a new dish that was introduced yesterday, which I immediately noticed on facebook and called to add to my order. They have 3 versions of the bread pudding: white, milk, and dark. I'm in love with the pudding especially the extra sauce of creamy milk chocolate brought along with it! The fillo was so creamy although really tiny. And for you spicy lovers the chicken was very very spicy!


  1. wow wow wow !! Okk im gna make me some bread pudding!

    I'm in love with ur moroccan tent ;P I imagine it to be gorgeous!

  2. I have a moroccan tent also...It's Where I spend everday of ramadan
    It's more like a lounge!! my friends always comes over jad it7esen rmethan ;p

    Glad u had fun ...

  3. 7aneen u cook! amazing! i wish i could post pics to show u now.. bs inshallah if i ever have another gathering with something worth posting ill click for u..this is my first time not to get pics, its a shame had the ramadan theme goin;/

    even sweeter thanx alot:) nice! so u know what im talkin would be even nicer if there were cold breezes at night like irmuthan awal 3ashan it3eesheen iljaw:)