Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let's Kiss & Makeup

There was a time when I used to put lots of makeup on. Don't get me wrong I'm not a heavy makeup user. The first phases I went through were kinda awful! When I look back at highschool, I'm like what was I thinking putting on that lipstick shade or foundation type! It didn't take long, by university I knew the basics and I looked good in the pictures thank God in contrast to the highschool pics I used to rip apart. This gave me more confidence. Changes were bound to happen when you followed fashion updates. I knew where I went wrong with the help of Cosmopolitan and my expert friends, who gave me really good tips (Everyone should ask friends for advice, the ones with good makeup taste, for how their makeup looks, they see things you don't!).

I dislike dark colors on both eyes and lips. Browns and nudes are my thing. Red lipstick is used to a minimum (2-3 times a year;p) when I have a tan or for occasions when it suited.

Cat eyes (no lower eye liner), mascara, light bronzer, and lip gloss is my thing now. Full eye makeup (again light brown tones) and pink lips are only used for dinners and formal gatherings.

This brings us to the video. I like this look inspired by Gossip Girl's Leigton Meester (yet again). It's easy to follow and no fuss simple. Try this makeup for an all natural look! Yes, you can look divine with minimal makeup on!


  1. I am less is more kinda person..

    and When i go for Bold lips bs a7e6 mascara...

    Thaanks for sharing I always wanted to learn Queen B's make-up ;*

  2. cute:) I hearts the makeup

  3. In Every paragraph I read in your post I was like “Me TOO !!!”
    If it wasn’t for my friend’s help I’d be still using the same stupid techniques I used when I was a teen ;D
    Nice clip I wish I was that good :)

  4. lol faith its easy..try putting on ur makeup while the clip is on:P thats what I'll do