Friday, September 11, 2009

Jellies Yet Again!

I think those are the first jellies I ever really liked and may even get me a pair if I ever come across them. No, wait I liked last year's Marni sandals too (in neon), but hated how everyone alive was wearing them!

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, plastic gladiator sandals. They cost $170 (KD 48).

Need an introduction?
Riccardo Tisci, an Italian fashion designer who was appointed creative director of the Haute Couture, ready-to-wear and accessories lines for both women and menswear. A lot of success to his credit.

I still like the gladiator sandals look. Do you?


  1. Love 'em ! I saw them in this store in Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.

    You know when you see something o 7ada 3ajbich, ya3ne no reason not to get bes you doubt yourself o tgoleen ok ba3dain,, and never get them ;P

    7adddddddy mit7asfa they were so haawt!

  2. Love those
    and YEEESSSS for gladiator sandals.. used to hate them.. I got a pair and I'm hooked :)

  3. Love them, they look so comfy and lightweight! I rarely wear flats once a year maybe ;p


  4. I was just watching Kloe and Kourtney take Miami, wela Kourtney was wearing the black one

  5. 7aneen why! i have this rule, if i see somthing i like i get it and then think! better to get and return it than think and get back o malageeh! Okh 9ij..the premiere starts next week here in q8, ill wait to see, is it first episode? i should look out;p

    faith exactly, they usually unflatter the feet but they loook so hip and cool;)

    even sweeter loooool! i used to be like u minzimaaaaaaan! now i love both our feet need to rest a bit;p

  6. I saw them in a store, absolutely loved them, and bought them. Got myself the pink pair, wore them all summer - extremely comfortable! <3

  7. aww lucky uuu:)...i was late in noticing them..i will be lucky if i even find a pair;(

  8. had them on sale since a while ago, check if they're still in stock!

  9. I checked in august when i first heard bout them..they didnt have them.. probably sold out(