Friday, September 11, 2009

Girgeean's Over

This year, suprisingly I didn't get a lot of girgeeans. Just four.

I don't mind, its better that way, people squander their money on girgeean for their kids, and hand the goodies to friends and family who may throw them away later. Not me, I keep the sweets' holder or bag, whatever it is, as a keepsake.

Some people are really creative. What I love the most is when the mothers get something practical and could be used by the recievers later. For example this girgeean I recieved from my dear friend. I never recieved one like it although I'm sure you've all seen it before. It's a Moroccan mini tagine. Cute! Very practical! And I love anything Moroccan (now you know why I had the tent made Moroccan). She had November Boutique's sugar cookies included, the one I have mentioned getting from my other friend for her kid's girgeean in an earlier post.

I'de like to share her girgeean with you guys. Thanks S.

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