Friday, September 18, 2009

Congrats Heigl!

Kathrine Heigl and hubby Josh Kelley had gone though adoption as they have said they would. An adorable Korean baby girl. Shes the cutest lil thing. Good for them. Whatever people say, that its a fad that Angelina and Brad had started, I still think its a personal issue and anyone up to it deserves a medal. They're taking kids from orphanages and adoption agencies and giving them a home for heaven sakes! Thats a noble thing.

Isn't she the cutest?!

When I was a kid I have always wanted to adopt a kid! Seriously, my mom always laughed about it and said "gollay 7imdila wilshikir!". I thought it was weird, I was going to give a kid luxeries and a family to share it with, why was that a bad thing? Now when I grew up I understood why. First, it was about the society we were living in. Its rare to see people with an adopted kid. My mom's cousin is the only person I know along with my friend's family friends. Anyways, no one judged my relative because she was married and couldn't concieve. After adopting, she did give birth to a kid sub7anallah. What I'm saying is it would be wierd for a single woman to adopt a girl, people talk. I wouldn't mind their gossip but mind what the kid would go through. Second, religion. I can't adopt a boy, so that gives me a choice of adopting girls only. Then there's the surname, you can't change it to your own. Not that I'd mind again. But what would you tell her later about how she came out to be and that shes an orphan. All that can wait until shes all grown up, but then the shock of you not being her real mother would turn her life upside down.

I'm just theorizing:P Who knows maybe someday I will adopt a girl if I don't get my own. I feel that kids complete a person in life. To be able to take care of your own kid whether from your own flesh and blood or another person's kid is a huge thing. Gives you comfort that you have fulfilled something. You will make someone happy and care for them. Someone to take care of you in the future. Someone you would enjoy your times with. Someone who will grow up to be what you made them to be. Someone who will make you proud. Someone who may be the reason you would end up in heaven.

.قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " أنا وكافل اليتيم في الجنة هكذا " وأشار بالسبابة والوسطى وفرج بينهما شيئا

كما بشر النبي من أحسن إلى اليتيم ولو بمسح رأسه ابتغاء وجه الله بحسنات كثيرة حين قال: " من مسح رأس يتيم لم يمسحه إلا لله كان
".له بكل شعرة مرت عليها يده حسنات ، ومن أحسن إلى يتيمة أو يتيم عنده كنت أنا وهو في الجنة كهاتين


  1. Their Korean girl is beyond gorgeous! I want to eat her up (sorry I'm violent with kids JK haha)!

    Same story happened to me! But I don't care law sama7 allah, allah mb kateb lee eneh atzawaj oo ayeeb 3yal I'll adopt and I don't care about anyone. Even if it my hurt my kid, living a bad situation or poor would hurt her more than a bit of gossip!

  2. I imagined myself ever since I was a child that I would be adopting kids. However, as I grey older and became more aware of our society I had come to realization that gossip won't hurt her but how society will see her will. You're not going to live forever, what makes you so sure that she will be treated fairly by others just like you treated her? People can be mean spirited when you least suspect them to be. How will you make sure that she's well left off (min na7yat warth she gets NOTHING) and even if you sign off somethings to her name, il qanoon can get it all back. Apart from that, a lot of closed minded Kuwaiti's think of a9el o fa9el when it comes to marriage so not all will approve of her.

    I really wish this would change because I've seen them at the orphanage, although they treat them rather good, I still feel that they're missing parents and a sense of security and belonging.

    I try not to be selfish.. not getting married and not having kids is not the end of the world for me. Although I do believe that a child can complete me, I wouldn't want to adopt just because I missed my chance and want to get a shot at motherhood. If I'm adopting, I'm adopting with my other kids as well and once society changes its mentality, I'll adopt so that my child can lead a normal life.

    Excuse my "essay", I'm just passionate about this topic :)

  3. I love Katherine H. Her baby is might adorable. :)


  4. F: ur words r so true bcoz we always find ourselves part of gossip so giving a better life is better

    Ruby woo: i love ur essay so dont worry..well said words.. and bout what society is capable of doing to a child especially when it comes to marriage..if someone will marry her he will be the type who will want to take ajir from marrying and caring for a yateema..and they are very little yes this is a huge problem otherwise inshallah u will feel complete any way that comes to u:)

    CC yes so cuteee!

  5. I absolutely believe in adopting. I wouldn't mind adopting a child for sure (even if I have my own), but I hate how our society views adopted children. I know that when it comes to marriage, a lot of people won't allow their kids to marry an adopted child. I wouldn't mind any member of my family to marry someone adopted, who cares about that stuff? Its how they're raised thats important.

  6. well said! i guess we come from a messed up society, people who look at others always and wont allow their sons/daughters to have a "disadvantage"..i still and will always stick to the rule, its what inside that counts..