Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Archicture Files 1: Kengo Kuma

I'm very interested in architecture. I already have a plan to what my family house is going to look like a plan minues the measurements (numbers)! I'm good in mathmatics but hate it when it comes to architecture. That is emphasized when I bought my huge modern bed to my tiny rooom! Big mistake! Had to replace it with a smaller version, yet still way too huge for my little room.

I love Japanese inspired architecture. Modern and the traditional. These two concepts really get me mixed up. Why cant we just infuse both into a concept!

Which bring me to a favorite of mine, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. He's such a perfectionist. Kumo has sixty projects all over the world
His inspiration came from the Olympic stadium designed by Kenzo Tange for the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

Here's a list of some of his projects:
The Great (Bamboo) Wall House- Beijing, China
Tea House- Franfurt, Germany
Lotus House- Japan

Water/ Glass- Atami, Shizuoka

Cha Cha Moon Restaurant- London, England
Ginzen Onsen Fujiya Inn- Yamagata, Japan
Chokkura Plaza- Tochigi, Japan


  1. LOL done the exact same thing with the huge bed in my small room I just changed it last week.
    LOOOOVED those projects, the water- glass house is so dreamy.

  2. heheh well that shows one has to measure the whole room and show it to the furniture shop:P
    you should check out his other projects..japanese architects are the best they get inspiration from imagination and make it possible, plus their traditional architecture is breathtaking to me..