Thursday, September 3, 2009


Omelle is this new LA based shoe brand that I have just recently heard about. A girl wouldn't be a girl without any kind of addiction to shoes. Any shoes. And when they are elegant and stylish, you just have to get them! Whatever the cost even if it means the death of your feet like I always say. Who cares about a bleeding foot when its covered by gorgeous leather! The price you pay to look good!

Omelle has really captured my eye. Should be worn by every true fashionista. Yes they're a bit pricey. This fall collection's prices ranges from $695-1,195 (approx.200-340 KD)

Browns. Nudes. Leathers. Suede. Assymetrics. Booties. Unique wooden signiture heels. Eye catching clasps.


  1. These are awesome. They're designs are simple and modern; with an earthy-like feel.

    Thanks for the introduction ;)

  2. cannot be put in any better way..ur most welcome:)