Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tour de Koweit

After the 30 minute treadmill workout at the gym, I changed and left for my Bubbles Nail Spa appointment. A friend of mine have been recommending it to me for some time and I like exploring my options before settling on a nail salon which works out for me. Usually, I'd go to N-bar, to me this is the best nail place in Kuwait. But Salmiya is too far just to have my nails done. There's also Nail Polish,a big time favorite now because it is quite and small, and not much of the crowd like N-bar. Nice seating, all in front of the TV, which always shows Friends and thats good enough for me while I sip on my green tea and munch on cookies.  Another place I like to go to is Nailtini in Surra with cute chabby chic interiors.  Back to Bubbles, I tried their Glow manicure and pedicure. It's all about the almonds. Great pampering done in 45 minutes.  The place was cute and the best thing was the seating which were seperated by dividers for privacy. Just the way I like it. Too bad there was no TV. But the girls working on my nails were incredibly sweet! They're lovely. And what I liked most is they ask if I would like to take the tools they've used on me, because they will be throwing them! That's great! Of course, I'm a recycler so I said I'd like to have them.

Next stop, Dar.Nur. I've been hearing about this interior shop for a while now but didn't have the chance to pay a visit, until this busy day of mine. It was located in Hiba Al Humaithi Complex beside Al-Arjan and AlTilal in Al Shuwaikh area. The owner of the shop was present and was very helpful. The stuff they've got from antique looking cupbords, fabric liquid and bar soaps, plastic modern trays in various sizes, Bojka (Lebenese brand) chairs and seatings, and much more. Loved it.
Next day I had to wake up real early for my appointment in Sahara's Spa.

I've been dying to see the resort since the day it opened! Quite and relaxing!  Acres of green grass, that's the golf course. Golf carts everywhere. The spa was in the main building, downstairs.  My masseuse was a lovely Asian middle-aged woman who did a amazing job. I had the Hot n' Cold Signiture Body Treatment (60 minutes). She was so good she knew everything about the human body and muscles! She knew I hadn't has sleep for a few days, had migrane fits, and that I seldom moved (coach potato?)! All from my muscles, she was the real deal! She didn't talk much to disturb my state of blissful relaxation. Neither was she silent. She was perfect!