Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Mom!

My mom's finally back from her vacation in London, England.  And she brought me a surprise gift.  Cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery.  You never get to see cupcakes in London, its all about the muffins and scones, so the owners of The Hummingbird were introducing something new (well not actually new) to the London market. A bakery dedicated to American home desserts! I guess they've had it with all the French and English cafes. Who can blame them?! Everyone has the passions of an inner child deep inside. Sugar frostings and colorful pastels.  Currently, the bakery has two branches and is going to expand plus open an online order service within their website.

Location: 47 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington
Location2: 133 Potobello Road, Notting Hill


  1. el9uwaar etshaweeeeg! yawe3atnee;p

  2. just for ur information! im drooooling ... i should of said yes when u offered ! dumb me lool

  3. anonymous 1 meee tooo!

    anonymous 2 (kaikah) serves u righttt at least u guys had a wonderful meal the other day and i half regreeeet not stayin:(

  4. hmmm ? No sharing ? ; (

  5. they sell their cookbook @ of the best sellers in london :)

  6. yes i have it thanx for mentioning that, i shouldve wrote about it in the post! but i still didnt try it, got lots of cupcake recipe books and theyre all so good..hummingbird tastes so different than cupcakes were used to i think it has to do with ingredients which im sure are similar to what we see in other books but because its from a different country..have to try it soon