Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Shady Bunch

My ultimate favorite show in the 80s! Reruns of The Brady Bunch, a tv series of the late 1960s and extending to mid 1970s, about two American families blending together. A widowed father of three boys marries a single (I'm not sure if she was a widow or a divorcee) mother of three girls.

Sweet PG rated show. I remember I used to watch the show whenever I went on vacations. Even if it meant watching it in Spanish or French! Apparently the show was never aired in Kuwait! I'm not sure if it was even around in the 70s, but I'm guessing it wasn't since I never heard anyone following the show (at a time when TV was everything to us. How did we exist without internet!).

Anyways, I was just watching E! The True Hollywood Story, and thought how ironic!

The three Brady girls were at some point an item with the three Brady boys (the oldest boy, Greg with the oldest, Marcia, and so on). On the other hand, the only ones not falling in love in real life was Mr. Brady and Mrs. Brady! It turns out Mr. Brady was gay.

They were not the perfect clean-cut family. The three 'D's' involved. Drugs, drinking, and depression! Well, even if you're beautiful, rich, and adored by millions you just can't have it all. Nobody's perfect.


  1. Totally forgot about this show, u have brought back good memories:)

  2. Yaaa I so remember this show.. I used to secretly love it but never admit it in front of my brothers, they would tease me about it ! oo I can see how the father is gay eheh

  3. OLAAAaaaa! kent a7eb marciaaa;p

  4. M yes i remembered it when i saw it on tv

    7aneen i know what u mean akeed they would tease u..mal yahal;p..i dont think i would even get interested if i see it now 3ugub kil ilmusalsalat ili mawjoda it brings back memories of good old times, a time of innoscence and i do miss that;(

    anonymous kilina hehehe