Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Sawaa7 Wana Mashi Layali..." سواح

"Sawah". I love the song, an Egyptian belly dancing song. Don't know how to dance to the rythem, but love to watch someone dance to it.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I noticed a cafe's sign a few months back in the Avenues with the word Sawah written all over it, not yet open.

And I think I was fast to try the Arabic cafe that first week of opening. And thats not a normal action from my part. I tend to wait for the crowds to subside after the habba of trying a new place. But I didn't. I had to try.

My first time was a total let down. The food was okay but not something I would go back to soon. My friends and I tried lots of variations. The fatoosh salad gave me a gums itch for days! The food tasted like paper. It isn't as bad as it sounds. It's just plain.

The decor and interior, on the other hand, was spectacular. Glittz and glimmer! So trendy! Spacious with taking care of even the smallest of detail.

Yesterday was my third time to eat there. After my friends suggested several places for dinner, and I declined their every attempt, we settled on Sawah although I was dead opposed to going to the mall!

I still regret going. Summer time is no time to go to a mall, end of discussion!

Yet I'm glad I didn't change my gal's minds on Sawah because of my past experience. I thought its been a while since the opening, and the food may have changed due to people's criticism.

And I was right! The food is much better! And the important thing, everyone was satisfied!


  1. My aunt is majorly into Egyptian music. She is constantly shoving headphones into my ears and making me listen to it. :P
    And the food looks delicious!


  2. hehehe I hate egyptian music so much but sometimes u just feel like moving ur hips to the beats:P

  3. a7la shay eldecor, elza7ma matenbaqa!

  4. 9ar7aaa ana waaaaid 7baitaaaa.. and the food was good too.. wil decor 5a6eer couldnt stop myself from gazing at the missmatched chairs and sofas .. cant wait to redcorate my apartment will sure steel some ideas hehehe ..

  5. anonymous1: yes, and yes!

    Kaika: yes! it resembles the interior and color use of ur apartment sooo much..u should do that soon and im in to help!:)