Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Kaftans at Baboona Store

New kaftans and girge3an clothing available in Baboona Store.
There's a mini exhibition held in the shop since yesterday for girgee3an goods, sweets, bukhoor, perfumes, shawls, and teas. It ends today.

Location of the shop is on the Ground floor of AlMuthana Mall, shop no.151


  1. I like how you mention all happening caftan exhibitions in time.
    Nice blog:D

  2. ooh I missed it. I'm looking for some caftans and the one above is beautiful!

  3. anonymous thanx..sadly this was kinda a day late ..yet thanx it means a lot!

    Alya nooo u didnt..its a new collection..the one that ended is the mini exhibition by other exhibitioners inside the shop (i hope i got this right)..and the caftan pic i have is for small girls..but check it out u may find something similar..otherwise i have mentioned previously a kaftan exhibition post ("Al-3essa" next week) and tomorrow also in Bait Dima near Starbucks (church side)..good luck:)