Monday, August 17, 2009

My Newbark is Here!

One of my readers asked me to post this, she wanted to see the Newbark shoes.

I have two things to mention about this shoe. One good; the other bad.  The good thing is, that Newbark's is really so comfortable you can sleep wearing it!  The con is that I don't think it's a shoe used for walking long distances at all! Simply because the sole of the shoe is leather! No heal. Just spongy leather. So it's not something you would wear on the streets, grass, wet ground.

But, thats not an excuse not to get a pair! You can still wear it while visiting your girls for an all girls' night in or even going to a cafe.  I got the Newbark inside a leather pouchette (same color and type of leather). Plus Net-a-Porter had the courtesey of putting the shoe pouchette inside their company's customized pouch with a copy of their latest Notes copy (fall/winter 2009).


  1. I'm dying to get one, is it that bad ?

  2. No no! its just not for outdoor use:P that would be suicide. I wore it once and the soles got all dirty

  3. haw athkir i posted a comment madre wain raa7 ;P

    min sijich not for outdoor use ;P shino for home 3ayal ?! I'm sure u can wear them outdoors maybe theyre supposed to get dirty.. Coz maktoob ina the conept is when ur out and ur shoes are killing ur feet, u carry ur newbarks around and just switch shoes..

  4. refejte got them too and she said same thing, 7asafa kan 3ajebneeeee chena n3al maghrebe

  5. 7aneen noo u didnt!;( and this post was dedicated to uu;p anywaayz 9ij, like really dirty that i think after 6-7 uses the soles may get torn..about the concept, i think for such uses as ur feet are killing u it will definately come in handy, just for emergencies and for a limited time not whole day wear..

    anonymous yeah it feels the same, bas ilmaghribi aybas shwaya min ta7at