Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glove Love

I'm so loving the fingerless gloves! It's so 80s! Still looking for the perfect leather glove. Most of the ones I've adored so far are so expensive (for a glove that is). And this time I'm thinking twice before getting somethings that is overpriced (because I'm just the worse big spender out there) especially since its a fall trend and may be over just as fast as it had begun.

Karl Lagerfeld is always seen wearing them. Ok, so he's a man, but I still want to steal them from him. In his Chanel couture and the ready to wear fall 09 fashion shows feature gloves to a maximum!


  1. Theee gloooves are so in! I have 2 pairs already:))

  2. I don't see myself wearing them but I still like the look;)

  3. NouFa luuuckyy uuuu..abiiiii 3alaich bil3afyaa

    HAB yes u have to pull the look with certain clothes it wouldnt just go with anything;/

  4. I hearts this trend!