Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gigantic Swiss Army

British designer, Paul Hernon, 38, designed the Vertebrae suite (a central pole holding seven rotating modules.

This contraception was created for small spaces.
It costs £9,000 ($15,000)= approximately 4,270 KD.

Reasonable price for a fully equipped toilet but what about water used from the shower where does it go?!? It will be all over the place!

If you're interested , you can order from:

This reminds me, a couple of months ago I got this email of another similar contraception. Its been around for years since 2006 so maybe you've heard about this already.

The Clever Circular Kitchen, a 180° revolving functional kitchen design featuring all the characteristics of a traditional kitchen. It's equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, ceramic hob, oven/microwave, storage, sink, waste bin, and two or four ceramic cooking hobs.

Costs of this kitchen range from $6,500-$15,000 (you do the maths in converting).


  1. Wow.. such innovative creations. I'll have the kitchen ;)

  2. heheh yes its more practical than the toilet:p

  3. I cannot imagine anyone using that toilet ! ;p