Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Falafel & Company

Good Food! Really Good Food!

When I first saw the Falafel & Company sign, I thought this would be a nice place to dine, fast food with an edge. The surprise was, its only for takeout and delivery. Not very practical for a place with no parking spaces and next door to the busiest restaurant in town, Slider Station.  I ordered a lot just to reach the minimum charge of 5KD, which is impossible to reach when ordering sandwiches! All sandwiches were of chicken shawarma (not a falafel person) with different breads and different sauces. I tried the thoom with fries, the thoom hummus with parsley, and the spicy yogurt. They were all so good!  Oh and they've got this amazing drink, supposedly a milkshake, not shaken enough, Vanilla & Orange Blossom. So damn good.  Its hard to find the perfect shawarma in Kuwait! The only two places I used to get my sandwiches from were Mais AlReem and Farah.  In short, Falafel & Co is my new top favorite shawarma place! And I advise you to go the shop rather than calling because you get to see all the different fillings they have and they're a lot!


  1. nice review and even nicer pictures;)

  2. Emmmm! u got my tummy all worked up haha;p

  3. Sign is a best option to promote the business & your blog is the best example of it.