Friday, August 21, 2009

SMS Diet

Dietician, Dr. Abdulla AlMutawa (top in the country), has just collaborated with Zain to create a new service. It's aim is for subscribers to lose 7 kilos (!!) during the month of Ramadan.

I started this SMS service and they took my weight and height for now and tomorrow I will be recieving my diet plan.

Dr. AlMutawa is worth it. He's not your average strict dietician. Two of my friends achived their target weight and most importantly are maintained it to this day!


  1. thankyoou CC! I'm aiming for at least half of that, hopefully it'll work out if im not too tempted!

  2. Knowing you, I'm guessing you already planned on not following the first day's diet schedule hehe ; P

  3. How're things going with that?;p

  4. actually i still didnt follow anything..the service isnt that good..i got no sms today! and yesterday it was an incomplete sms! Zain never have such problems, im wondering whats this all about;/