Saturday, August 1, 2009

C.S.I. Portrait

Watching Dubai One's "Out & About" on TV this morning, I came across this really interesting form of "art".

It's called Gene Portraits. You, as a customer, use a swab to collect DNA sample from the inside of your mouth (cheek cells), CSI style. The samples are then taken to a laboratory and results are then handed to the design team. The lab results are digitaly enhanced and the print is turned into a canvas color customised by you.

Can be made for a single customer, a couple, three, or four person (in the form of attached canvases).

It makes a cute gift for your partner or friend, and hell yeah, for yourself!;p

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  1. Very interesting : ) I will have one doneee. Thank yooou for sharing this

  2. it is! i will definately have one done for sure! ur welcome:)