Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pre-Marriage Check-up Mandatory Today!

Today, Kuwait's Mandatory Medical Examination Before Marriage Center have finally opened its doors.
It's a must for a couple to have there checkup before they tie the knot NOW!

You can do it as soon as the engagement is official or even before that. I recommend doing that before.

First, the couple get a signed draft from the Ministery of Law and then head to the main and only branch of the medical center in AlSabah in Shuwaikh.
The couple then (they can go seperately) talk to a doctor in the center to check for their family's history in diseases and genetic disorders. Blood samples are taken from both sides and it take five working days to get the results.

What is expected out of this examination:
- Various types of anemia
- Syphilis
- Hepatitis

45 person have made their visit today. Thats pretty good.

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  1. Tawel nas hehehehe bs zen yesawoon

  2. yeah we're like one of the last countries in the gulf i6abiq hal qanoon..good thing la7agna 3alaiah:p