Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brownies Delight

Brownies Delight is a home business on facebook that my cousin (a brownie addict) introduced me to. I'm not much of a brownie person but I loved there mini sized moist brownies!  I  placed an order for their newly added dessert called Dipped Lollypops and another jar filled with their plain and flake brownies.  The Dipped Lollypops were so good I ate half the jar before I let my friend try them! It's made of lollypop sticks put into brownie blocks that were covered with fine digestive biscuits. The whole jar was then half filled with this white sauce that tasted of creamy vanilla.
But you should know these are best eaten same day you get them, otherwise the brownie will get so soft that when you try to pick them out of the jar, you will just get a goowy lollypop stick. Don't worry though, you can pick the rest of the fallen brownies with a spoon and it still tastes amazing!  The other jar I couldn't stop eating from for 3 whole days (it was XL), that I had to give it to my other friends just to get it out of my way! I gained 1 kilo (I'm dieting) from these delicious brownies.


  1. hahhahhaaaaaaaaaay, told u they'r simply irrersistable ;p btw now u can choose 3 different flav in 1 XL jar, inshallah as soon as i get well i will order some, just cant wait to feel them meltin' in ma mouth again ;p

  2. mannooory they r ..yes and i know bout the mixing..thanx bs i think iktifaiiit latheeth o kharaab nafs ilwagt;P

    pretty-gene: try it sooon!

  3. WAAAAW Niceeee, its a NON STOP BROWNIES !! mashala amazing so fresh & Yummmyyy, Luv Brownies delight <3!

  4. got to try the new flavors, try Nutella Brownies o shosho's Brownie bil shi3ria o caramel .. so Tasty! i liked them ;*

  5. anonymous 7ada nonstop:P

    anonymous2: wow nutella nuq6at tha3f;/ shakla qatil...thanx will doo:)