Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biker Chic

Fall's nearly here!  Get ready for this fall's biggest trend. Biker babe. Punk chick. For the dudes too.  We've seen it before and it's back yet again.  And black! is always back.  Leather jackets, leather pants, tight jeans, leather padded jackets, fur, over the knees boots, studded anything (shirt, pants, bags, and shoes, and silver.

I say
Clothing brand: Balmain
Description: black fitted jackets with pointed, padded shoulders. Long silk harem pants. Tight miniskirts. Leather. Sequins.

I say
Shoe brand:Christian Louboutin!

Another brand featuring the trend (not necessary what "I say")
Guissepe Zanotti.
I didn't like most of this collection though, it's not his usual signiture designs. He went over the board with this hard metal collection. The one I show here are my favorites.


  1. Balmain gayim 7atha hal sina. I liked both spring and this collection :)

  2. love the loook! love the sophistication finally something different

  3. anonymous 1: YES! theyre both beautiful..same thought exactly;)

    anonymous 2: although the idea of punk has been around for a while but yes kinda sophisticated with those gorgeous jackets:)

  4. I loved the Balmain collection! Its absolutely gorgeous. And the Louboutins are ultra glam. Love Love.