Monday, August 31, 2009

Come Hair Please

And the winner is.....

Lauren Conrad

Reality TV celebrity, Lauren Conrad (LC), 22, has the best hair-dos I have ever seen. She even got the front braid with bun trend started. Even after hacking off her gorgeous golden locks for a straight bob, I thought she still looked hip.

Here are some of her best hair moments.

LC recently decided to quit the show after wrapping The Hills season 5 . She had lived her life out in front of the cameras for five years in both MTV's hit reality shows Laguna Beach and its spin-off The Hills. She also had an appearance in her good friend Whitney's reality show, The City, The Hill's spin-off. She's the core of the reality TV and

She launched her own clothing line and landed a three book deal for a series of young adult fiction novels.

If you're a fan, make sure to get her first novel, the already best selling L.A. Candy.

You Renew

Have you heard about this?

You Renew, a recycling business founded by two Yale students, a company whose main goal is to recycle old unwanted electronics. You hand them your old cell phone or laptop, they check it out and pay you its worth. It's a win win, both sides satisfied. For every device they take in, a contribution is made to the environment.

For now, the two friends are not getting that much profit. Yet they don't mind due to them still being students. They just hope the environment is benefiting from this.

If you are inside the United States, You Renew sends you the packaging for yu item and so its free. However, they do not offer free shipping from outside the US.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Shady Bunch

My ultimate favorite show in the 80s! Reruns of The Brady Bunch, a tv series of the late 1960s and extending to mid 1970s, about two American families blending together. A widowed father of three boys marries a single (I'm not sure if she was a widow or a divorcee) mother of three girls.

Sweet PG rated show. I remember I used to watch the show whenever I went on vacations. Even if it meant watching it in Spanish or French! Apparently the show was never aired in Kuwait! I'm not sure if it was even around in the 70s, but I'm guessing it wasn't since I never heard anyone following the show (at a time when TV was everything to us. How did we exist without internet!).

Anyways, I was just watching E! The True Hollywood Story, and thought how ironic!

The three Brady girls were at some point an item with the three Brady boys (the oldest boy, Greg with the oldest, Marcia, and so on). On the other hand, the only ones not falling in love in real life was Mr. Brady and Mrs. Brady! It turns out Mr. Brady was gay.

They were not the perfect clean-cut family. The three 'D's' involved. Drugs, drinking, and depression! Well, even if you're beautiful, rich, and adored by millions you just can't have it all. Nobody's perfect.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girgean @ The Cookie Bag

The Cookie Bag created a gorgeous looking girgean boxes that comes in two sizes which comes along with a card. I know I've said this a lot (not in the blog though), but I think this home business must have one of the best logos and cookie packaging I've ever seen. Not to mention their signiture best selling brownie cookies, they're simply scrumptiously addictive!

Their Ramadan Flavors:
- Mini Date cookies (its not new but now it comes in this miniature version)
- Mini Rahash cookies (I'm dying to taste this). [Rahash: ground sesame paste]

---@ Oleana Boutique @--

I just got the invitation!

Oleana Boutique, kids and mothers-to-be specialized store, is having it's opening event of their new location in Free Trade Zone (right next to AlMulla Group) tomorrow, Sunday August 30th 2009 at 8:30pm-12:00am.

They will be introducing their Girgean outfits. In additiong, there will be goodies brought to you by November Bakery and Rullart.  For those of you who never heard of Oleana Boutique, it was the baby shop located previously at Karizma next to November Bakery. I love their online store. It's such a lifesaver when you're looking for a baby shower or newborn gift ASAP!

Barcode Expo

Don't miss Barcode Expo starts tomorrow August 29th 2009.

Address: Surra, Block 4, Street 12, House 40.

What I'm looking forward to:
Huis Clos fall 09 (held 3 days)
Top Brazilian fashion designer and I love their stuff, very classic and fashionable at the same time.

Chic by Shatha Al-Nemah (2 days)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nails Bar Boutique

Blogger, Confashions, had a previous post reviewing this new nail place called Nails Bar Boutique. I never heard of it before reading about it in her page. And yesterday was my time to do my nails and I usually like to do them solo to be able to have more time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love going with my friends and I enjoyed those times when we had the nail place all to ourselves and gossiped like there was no tomorrow! But their are times when pampering and relaxation came hand in hand and were meant to be done with no distractions. Yesterday was the time.  The nail salon is located in Dar AlAwadhi right next door to Munch. Its was my first time to visit the mall and it was kind of really quite.  The salon was very cozy and warm with its shabby chic design. No strong colors, it was all in beige, something different in contrast to the loud colors we've been used to in nail bars. I was the only customer at the time, so it was total quietness! There were chiffon curtains on both sides of my seat, with the aim of separating other customers from each other. Those curtain could be rolled all the way to cover your entire space (imagine circular curtains and your in the middle of the circle) for total privacy).

I had the Ramadan exclusive manicure and pedicure treatment called the Exotic Date and Wild Honey Buff. The manicurist did a really good job with the nails and then gave me this date scrub followed by a date creme! I smelled soo good better than the almond treatment I had in Bubbles. That one was longer, but the date was so sweet smelling and I was moisterised even after washing up. Compliment of Bella Lucce products. Too bad this treatment is only for Ramadan. They had this other exclusibe treatments for this month, the Nourishing Sandlewood and Almont Creme for nails and Almond Spa for body.

While the manicurist was doing my nails, I looked at the shop's services menu. I remember Confashions had the list on her page but when I looked at it more closely I suddenly had the urger to have the 10 minute back massage due to the stress I was feeling these days I felt my shoulders were very stiff (which the masseuse confirmed later). I thought the massage was something they could do while I had my nails done (like the back massage you get done while putting hair treatment in the salon)! NOT! It wasn't. Ofcourse, they offered to do it while I was still seated, but I had to wear a towel! I was like noway! So, I thought why not try their massage room. Cozy room complete with shower and was dark with candles(Yes!). I think the masseuse was Chinese and she was really really really good. She put pressure on every point of my back, it was like she was trying to read me! I didn't want it to end! 10 minutes is always a long time when you're waiting for something to happen, but when you want it to last forever it ends quickly! Good thing they offered a 5 minute foot (with leg) massage (I think it was complimentary). Again I think she read me! I loved her and thanked her graciously for the great job! I wasn't even prepared for a massage and this is something I never do without preparing myself mentally beforehand! But I have no regrets whatsoever!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Falafel & Company

Good Food! Really Good Food!

When I first saw the Falafel & Company sign, I thought this would be a nice place to dine, fast food with an edge. The surprise was, its only for takeout and delivery. Not very practical for a place with no parking spaces and next door to the busiest restaurant in town, Slider Station.  I ordered a lot just to reach the minimum charge of 5KD, which is impossible to reach when ordering sandwiches! All sandwiches were of chicken shawarma (not a falafel person) with different breads and different sauces. I tried the thoom with fries, the thoom hummus with parsley, and the spicy yogurt. They were all so good!  Oh and they've got this amazing drink, supposedly a milkshake, not shaken enough, Vanilla & Orange Blossom. So damn good.  Its hard to find the perfect shawarma in Kuwait! The only two places I used to get my sandwiches from were Mais AlReem and Farah.  In short, Falafel & Co is my new top favorite shawarma place! And I advise you to go the shop rather than calling because you get to see all the different fillings they have and they're a lot!

The Proposal!

Archie's proposing to Veronica!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a major Archie comics collector and fan and collector since the tender age of 11 and somehow lost interest when I entered university. Well who didn't! The storyline dragged on forever! The main plot roaming around the love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Once Archie wanted Betty and other times Veronica! Nothing new and I as a reader got pretty bored and I kind felt old to read the comics aimed for teenagers.

I was the Betty at my school and we used to name kids in our class by the characters! Those were the days. So you can guess how pissed I am with the news of Archie proposing to Veronica instead of Betty. That's a slap to my face! I got the news in an email sent by their website (I don't even remember subscribing to their emails!). And so I had this nostalgic urge to subscribe to the issues holding the shocking storyline. Seriously, I want to know what the hell happened!

That's Archie #600 and will be the first of six parts.

Its the wedding of the century and its on sale NOW.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chicken Bites

My friend told me about how great Chicken Bites are. I ordered one box (30 pieces) of frozen Chicken Bites, created and owned by a home business, last week.

So today, second day of Ramadan, the meal being in our house, I thought this is the best opportunity to try the bites! They were really good, crunchy from the outside, soft in the inside. These would be good to get if your going over to a gathering and didn't want to go empty handed plus had no idea want to bring.

November Boutique's Girgee3an

My first Girgeean gift (sweets offering during Ramadan) to arrive really early (which I don't mind at all), is from my dear friend, who I have not seen for more than a year now, she being a good mom and all. The sweets are done for her first and only adorably cute son, Bader. Last year's girgeean was traditionally pretty. But this year, I simple adore it. Very simple and cute! Compliments of November Bakery of November Boutique (don't you just love their stuff)! A small double colored bag with pastel frosted butter cookies.

I also got an extra gift, a neon pink wallet with Um Kalthoum's printed photo from Sarah's Bag , a vintage bags and accessories shop in Lebenon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glove Love

I'm so loving the fingerless gloves! It's so 80s! Still looking for the perfect leather glove. Most of the ones I've adored so far are so expensive (for a glove that is). And this time I'm thinking twice before getting somethings that is overpriced (because I'm just the worse big spender out there) especially since its a fall trend and may be over just as fast as it had begun.

Karl Lagerfeld is always seen wearing them. Ok, so he's a man, but I still want to steal them from him. In his Chanel couture and the ready to wear fall 09 fashion shows feature gloves to a maximum!

Friday, August 21, 2009

SMS Diet

Dietician, Dr. Abdulla AlMutawa (top in the country), has just collaborated with Zain to create a new service. It's aim is for subscribers to lose 7 kilos (!!) during the month of Ramadan.

I started this SMS service and they took my weight and height for now and tomorrow I will be recieving my diet plan.

Dr. AlMutawa is worth it. He's not your average strict dietician. Two of my friends achived their target weight and most importantly are maintained it to this day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For the Love of Bokja

I've been in love with Bokja ever since I first saw the colorful chairs and seatings in my friend's place a few years back. Then last year my other friend had a bokja chair and she told me she got it from Dar.Nur (remember I mentioned the shop in an earlier post, if you were reading;p).

Bokja is a company owned by Maria Hibri and Huda Baroudi and is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The company creates chairs and several types of seatings using embroidered or printed pattern textiles of vibrant colors. These materials used come from Lebenon, Syria, Turkey, and Ouzbakistan. Some of the pieces look vintage and others have a mix between the traditional and the contemporary. Bohemian is the best word to describe them and I love boho.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Mom!

My mom's finally back from her vacation in London, England.  And she brought me a surprise gift.  Cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery.  You never get to see cupcakes in London, its all about the muffins and scones, so the owners of The Hummingbird were introducing something new (well not actually new) to the London market. A bakery dedicated to American home desserts! I guess they've had it with all the French and English cafes. Who can blame them?! Everyone has the passions of an inner child deep inside. Sugar frostings and colorful pastels.  Currently, the bakery has two branches and is going to expand plus open an online order service within their website.

Location: 47 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington
Location2: 133 Potobello Road, Notting Hill

Milk Soda!

CNN again!

Interesting, and my first time to hear about it.

Vio! A milk containing fizzy drink that is created by the Coka-Cola Company.

The company is yet testing this drink.

People have mixed feelings about Vioand Time magazine thinks its one of the worst drinks ever made.

Vio comes in four flavors: citrus burst, peach mango, tropical colada and very berry.

I can see myself liking the tropical colada! What about you guys? would you drink this?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Sawaa7 Wana Mashi Layali..." سواح

"Sawah". I love the song, an Egyptian belly dancing song. Don't know how to dance to the rythem, but love to watch someone dance to it.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I noticed a cafe's sign a few months back in the Avenues with the word Sawah written all over it, not yet open.

And I think I was fast to try the Arabic cafe that first week of opening. And thats not a normal action from my part. I tend to wait for the crowds to subside after the habba of trying a new place. But I didn't. I had to try.

My first time was a total let down. The food was okay but not something I would go back to soon. My friends and I tried lots of variations. The fatoosh salad gave me a gums itch for days! The food tasted like paper. It isn't as bad as it sounds. It's just plain.

The decor and interior, on the other hand, was spectacular. Glittz and glimmer! So trendy! Spacious with taking care of even the smallest of detail.

Yesterday was my third time to eat there. After my friends suggested several places for dinner, and I declined their every attempt, we settled on Sawah although I was dead opposed to going to the mall!

I still regret going. Summer time is no time to go to a mall, end of discussion!

Yet I'm glad I didn't change my gal's minds on Sawah because of my past experience. I thought its been a while since the opening, and the food may have changed due to people's criticism.

And I was right! The food is much better! And the important thing, everyone was satisfied!

Roksanda Rocks!

What defines Roksanda Illincic's fall 2009 collection???  Its fabulousness expressed by straightforward phrases!  Vibrant fuschias, shiny blacks, and shimmering greys! Billowing huge sleeves! Structured Sleeves! Satins and Silks (her trademark feminine material). Brocades. Some velvet and lace. That about defines it.

Jewelery & Clutches Exhibition

Are you looking for jewelerey to accesorize your Ramadan kaftans?? Then you're in luck! Starting tommorrow, Virtue Boutique will be exhibiting some of its goods, Gerard Yosca Jewelry and gorgeous Abas clutches.

Location: 2nd floor of Email Cafe in "Eywan 18" (between Villa Moa and Movenpick), Free Trade Zone
Date: August 18-20th Tuesday-Thurseday
Time: 5:00pm-10:00pm

There will also be other exhibitions present inthe same place. Be sure not to miss it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Night

Yesterday, I watched The Ugly Truth , a romantic comedy starring Kathine Hiegl and Gerard Butler.

I'm a fan of both actors! Especially Heigl. I watched her grow up in movies like My Father the Hero. And she is my favorite Grey's Anatomy character along with "Christina". Butler on the other hand, won my heart in 300!

The movie is so funny I laughed out loud a few times, but not as much as I did from watching The Hangover though (that was way funnier)!

My Newbark is Here!

One of my readers asked me to post this, she wanted to see the Newbark shoes.

I have two things to mention about this shoe. One good; the other bad.  The good thing is, that Newbark's is really so comfortable you can sleep wearing it!  The con is that I don't think it's a shoe used for walking long distances at all! Simply because the sole of the shoe is leather! No heal. Just spongy leather. So it's not something you would wear on the streets, grass, wet ground.

But, thats not an excuse not to get a pair! You can still wear it while visiting your girls for an all girls' night in or even going to a cafe.  I got the Newbark inside a leather pouchette (same color and type of leather). Plus Net-a-Porter had the courtesey of putting the shoe pouchette inside their company's customized pouch with a copy of their latest Notes copy (fall/winter 2009).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Kitchen

I know you guys will definately kill me with all the food reviews I have, but this is MY blog after all. And food defines me. And we know all you guys secretly always crave good food.  The Kitchen, a delievery/takeout only business has recently been added into and it looked so good to me that I just had to try it. Kuwaiti chef, Adlah Al-Sharhan is part of the venture! And I'm proud to say I have ordered four times already.  Their desserts! As you have noticed, have an undying passion for desserts! And two out of the six times I ordered from the restaurant, was for dessert!  I am a presentation and packaging critic and I have to say The Kitchen tops the list! Simply gorgeous! Adore the wooden eating tools! The Kitchen has rustic feel to it, Martha Stewart would love it.

I have tried:
Lentil & Goat Cheese Salad
Lentil & Caramelized Onion Soup
Adoola's Famous Lasagne
Penne Pasta with Veal & Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Veal Milanese (served with spaghetti pomodoro)
Cottage Pie
The Kitchen`s Chocolate Surprise (my favorite ordered 4 times!!)
Assy`s & Ufis`s Oreo Cheese Cake
Chubby Balls


Location: Shaab, Block 8, Golden street, building 47
Telephone: 22639814/5