Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cocoon Restaurant- London, UK

I recently visited Cocoon, a pan-Asian restaurant just above the bustle and noise of Regent Street in London, England. I have been dying to go there ever since reading about it in Wallpaper* City Guide-London, but was devastated to find out it has been closed for renovation. Finally, I got the chance to visit the place this summer. It was nothing like I imagined. Got the reservation weeks before through Toptable, a website dedicated to booking tables in top notch food venues.

Don't expect a menu filled with endless choices, and thats the beauty of it. The staff were very helpful in recommending the best. Service was amazing and quick, prices range from reasonable to pricey, but its worth it. My friends simply loved the place. The food was really good.  Cocoon also has a bar, restaurant, and lounge area. The place dark with loud music. The chairs are all round resembling a the shape of a cocoon, but very much comfortable. The tables were made of clear plastic holding lose pink and red flowers inside its hollowness, this somehow gave us a feeling of the exotic and the beyond, much different to what was awaiting us outside.

Address: 65 Regent Street
Tel. 020 7494 7600
Opening Times
Mon - Fri: Noon - 3pm and 5:30pm - 1am
Sat: 5:30pm - 3am
Late lounge: Thurs-Sat 11pm - 3am

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