Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tweet Me

Now it's Twitter. The new buzz.
We've had Hi5, My Space, Blogger, Facebook, and now Twitter.
I got to know about this from CNN. The news network actually mention people's posts live! So if you've got something to voice out you know where to do it.

I don't like it much. Not as much as Facebook, which I still think will be in our lives for a very long time. Twitter is a micro-blogging service.

What do you do in Twitter? You just update your status. In other words, you get to tell us losers what your boring self is up to! I think its main goal is to give people the illusion that others (followers of the page) really care about what they're doin.

Individuals and companies alike will be found hooked up on the service. You get to "Tweet" and "follow" others around.

For those of you who've been bit by the blackberry bug, rest assured, for there is "Twitter Berry" so you get to update your status on the go.

1 comment:

  1. Twitter is lame ! What will they come up with next :/