Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Search for the Best Cookie

I have never been a major cookie fan. Just the occasional Chips Ahoy, Hardeez cookies, and Selfridges' freshly baked cookies.That was back then, Waaay back.

Currently, in Kuwait, it seems people are competing against each other as to who would create the best, softest, and gooeyest cookies available. They got me addicted to the biscuit!

I thought why not get feedback from sweet-toothed individuals like myself to crown the best cookie in town.

This is the list I have come up with, ranging from really amazingly good to real good;p (Keep in mind that the list only contains cookies I have tested and loved):

1- The Baking Tray
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies! Amazing! The chocolate is very goowy and it's all over the cookie.

2- The Cookie Bag
Making the buzz right now. Amazing logo and packaging. Really good gooey cookies. The brownie cookie is the best seller. I love it and their original cookies are scrumptious. Have to try their other stuff soon.

3- Crumbs
I love their dark choc chip cookies. Their white and milk choc chip cookies are really really good too.

4- Choowy Goowy
Doesn't need much introduction as it's already much known. It has been an Online shop (I love the new and improved website sooo much) up until the opening of their first ever place in Avenues Mall in Phase 2 (in the foodcourt).

5- Noony's Cookies
Really soft cookies using different brands of chocolate as chocolate chip. Sadly, it is currently unavailable.

6- Cookies'n Cream
A cute shop in Bneid Algar. Again really soft mini cookies. My sister gets them all the time!

7- Subway: Chocolate choc chip cookies. Need I say more!

8- Baskin Robbins Cookie Dough icecream ! I'm being silly in this one but seriously it's so good.

Last but not least, of course it should be first seeing that I'm the one who bakes those, are my Chunky Ti-Choco Chip Chocolate Cookies;p My friends say they're great, I think I bake them for the sake of getting my arms toned;p

It is important that I get some feedback here. Tell me what you think and if you've got other places you'de like to rate other than the one I've added.



  1. HAHAHA! I remember those Hardeez ones. Fudrocker's cookies used to rock too.

  2. Nice list very similar to what I would have chose but with different ratings, I love cookies&cream cookies the best : )