Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pomegranate is the New Health Fruit, Say Bye-Bye to Apples and Berries Soon

We have seen several phones taking the cell industry by storm. Lookout blackberry addicts, Pomegranate will change your lifestyle for good and will give a new meaning to the world of communication.
It's really something! Cell phone that has more benefits other than used for talking and taking pictures!
Here are some of its innovative characteristics:
Global Voice Translator: Select the language you want your speech to be translated to and then just hold the screen side of the device to your mouth and voila! another language..
Projector: you can project presentations and movies into vivid whitescreen format
Coffee brewer: this is unbelievable, words cannot explain
Shaver: very practical. Bet you thought it wasn't possible
Harmonica: although I think we can do without it;p

I'll leave you with the video..enjoy

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