Saturday, May 9, 2009


A good friend of mine has recently made use of her genius set of skills and her eye for artistic beauty and created her own in-home facebook business, Accessory Obsession.

She does heabands mostly. She also has those hippie bands, vintage head pieces with nets, and really huge hats. She also did a Valentine Collection and Kid's headband pieces which I thought was really clever of her. You can also get to customize your own head piece.

Seeing that the headband craze will not be around anymore she's opting for creating hats and other gorgeous pieces and who knows what next.

I find it hard choosing anything she creates and love it all! Not because shes a friend, she's actually great at this! I even know people who actually immitated her goodies.

You can get to see her stuff on facebook and her own Accessory Obsession blog is coming out soon.

To order, email her at:

This pink one is for little girls


  1. Wayed 7elooo. 3endaha website????

  2. ma3indina yet, you can join her group "Accessory Obsession" in Facebook:)