Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Sammy

I'm a Samsonite addict. No really I am. A couple of years ago I have never cared much for travel bags, just needed a huge bag to hold my excess weight.

Now its different, after my travelling became as common as going out for dinner, I realized what I needed was a travelling bag that I felt at ease moving around with in an airport where there were no "porters" (mainly used for the lazy and dependant Arab people) to help carry our stuff for us. I never worried much about myself, it was my family, there always was a problem carrying their own heavy stuff around.

In addition, I get to move around a lot in business trips, whether in a train station or the ariport where self service was the only option available. Therefore, what I need is an easy to carry bag with no fuss. Plus I want my bag to look as good as I do when I move around. Samsonite's main attraction to me is the wheelies, I love them, they move in every possible direction and the bag seems extra light with them!

Samsonite has come up with a great range of bags aimed for kids called "Sammy". The line is more like a bag going on to a costume party. There's the pirate, the princess, the animals, etc.

Samsonite has two lines. The original Samsonite line for travel bags and The Black Label line. The bag company has been working with major fashion brands to create the perfect bag. They had done it with Alexander Mcqueen. I loved that collection. I thought it was pretty expensive for a travel bag. But I didn't mind the price of their shoulder and smaller travel bags which you don't get to put with the rest of passenger bags on the plane. Get the smaller ones and leave them with you, that way you wouldn't worry about your bag's luxurious leather being ruined.

The Black Label Introduces it's fabulously fashionable bags by Viktor & Rolf! They're gorgeous.

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