Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barbie is Back!

I have been to Laila Harmony salon today and I just love the stuff they have at the reception.

You know "Cake Beauty" Canadian brand? The one they sell their stuff in Nailtini (nail shop in Al-Surra) and in Beauty Bar: A Modern Apothecary ( love this brand it has really good beauty products with mouthwatering scents! Well anyways, back to the reception. I saw those amazing products that I have purchased from a month ago same place. It was "Barbie by Cake", launched on March 2009 in Canada as part of Barbie's 50th anniversary and the Cake company was especially chosen by Mattel.

At first I thought, who buys kid stuff in an adult beauty salon. Then the word "cake" caught my eye, and I'm a sucker to cakes. I took the hand lotion, took a whiff!!!!!! I smelled like real cake. I resisted the immediate temptation of tasting it:P

I had to take two pieces from every product. One for me and the other for my friend (she loves beauty stuff). I got the Body & Hair Mist, Velveteen Hand Creme, Candle, Shower Gel with Body Mousse, and the box of travel-size essentials. Ofcourse she loved them as much as I did.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Sammy

I'm a Samsonite addict. No really I am. A couple of years ago I have never cared much for travel bags, just needed a huge bag to hold my excess weight.

Now its different, after my travelling became as common as going out for dinner, I realized what I needed was a travelling bag that I felt at ease moving around with in an airport where there were no "porters" (mainly used for the lazy and dependant Arab people) to help carry our stuff for us. I never worried much about myself, it was my family, there always was a problem carrying their own heavy stuff around.

In addition, I get to move around a lot in business trips, whether in a train station or the ariport where self service was the only option available. Therefore, what I need is an easy to carry bag with no fuss. Plus I want my bag to look as good as I do when I move around. Samsonite's main attraction to me is the wheelies, I love them, they move in every possible direction and the bag seems extra light with them!

Samsonite has come up with a great range of bags aimed for kids called "Sammy". The line is more like a bag going on to a costume party. There's the pirate, the princess, the animals, etc.

Samsonite has two lines. The original Samsonite line for travel bags and The Black Label line. The bag company has been working with major fashion brands to create the perfect bag. They had done it with Alexander Mcqueen. I loved that collection. I thought it was pretty expensive for a travel bag. But I didn't mind the price of their shoulder and smaller travel bags which you don't get to put with the rest of passenger bags on the plane. Get the smaller ones and leave them with you, that way you wouldn't worry about your bag's luxurious leather being ruined.

The Black Label Introduces it's fabulously fashionable bags by Viktor & Rolf! They're gorgeous.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Search for the Best Cookie

I have never been a major cookie fan. Just the occasional Chips Ahoy, Hardeez cookies, and Selfridges' freshly baked cookies.That was back then, Waaay back.

Currently, in Kuwait, it seems people are competing against each other as to who would create the best, softest, and gooeyest cookies available. They got me addicted to the biscuit!

I thought why not get feedback from sweet-toothed individuals like myself to crown the best cookie in town.

This is the list I have come up with, ranging from really amazingly good to real good;p (Keep in mind that the list only contains cookies I have tested and loved):

1- The Baking Tray
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies! Amazing! The chocolate is very goowy and it's all over the cookie.

2- The Cookie Bag
Making the buzz right now. Amazing logo and packaging. Really good gooey cookies. The brownie cookie is the best seller. I love it and their original cookies are scrumptious. Have to try their other stuff soon.

3- Crumbs
I love their dark choc chip cookies. Their white and milk choc chip cookies are really really good too.

4- Choowy Goowy
Doesn't need much introduction as it's already much known. It has been an Online shop (I love the new and improved website sooo much) up until the opening of their first ever place in Avenues Mall in Phase 2 (in the foodcourt).

5- Noony's Cookies
Really soft cookies using different brands of chocolate as chocolate chip. Sadly, it is currently unavailable.

6- Cookies'n Cream
A cute shop in Bneid Algar. Again really soft mini cookies. My sister gets them all the time!

7- Subway: Chocolate choc chip cookies. Need I say more!

8- Baskin Robbins Cookie Dough icecream ! I'm being silly in this one but seriously it's so good.

Last but not least, of course it should be first seeing that I'm the one who bakes those, are my Chunky Ti-Choco Chip Chocolate Cookies;p My friends say they're great, I think I bake them for the sake of getting my arms toned;p

It is important that I get some feedback here. Tell me what you think and if you've got other places you'de like to rate other than the one I've added.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


A good friend of mine has recently made use of her genius set of skills and her eye for artistic beauty and created her own in-home facebook business, Accessory Obsession.

She does heabands mostly. She also has those hippie bands, vintage head pieces with nets, and really huge hats. She also did a Valentine Collection and Kid's headband pieces which I thought was really clever of her. You can also get to customize your own head piece.

Seeing that the headband craze will not be around anymore she's opting for creating hats and other gorgeous pieces and who knows what next.

I find it hard choosing anything she creates and love it all! Not because shes a friend, she's actually great at this! I even know people who actually immitated her goodies.

You can get to see her stuff on facebook and her own Accessory Obsession blog is coming out soon.

To order, email her at:

This pink one is for little girls

Bag It!

Proenza Schouler!
The PS1 satchel! The hype is all about it. This season's must have!
It's to die for! and the price is to kill for!

The satchel is very casual and can be worn everyday both as a shoulder bag (which I think is the only way it should be worn) or to be held by hand. It comes in soft leather ($895), suede ($1,995), python($4,250), and crocodile ($14,500).

Celebrities found wearing it: the Olsen twins, Kirsty Dunst, and Leighton Meesteer.

You can get the PS1 from the boutique itself and .

Tweet Me

Now it's Twitter. The new buzz.
We've had Hi5, My Space, Blogger, Facebook, and now Twitter.
I got to know about this from CNN. The news network actually mention people's posts live! So if you've got something to voice out you know where to do it.

I don't like it much. Not as much as Facebook, which I still think will be in our lives for a very long time. Twitter is a micro-blogging service.

What do you do in Twitter? You just update your status. In other words, you get to tell us losers what your boring self is up to! I think its main goal is to give people the illusion that others (followers of the page) really care about what they're doin.

Individuals and companies alike will be found hooked up on the service. You get to "Tweet" and "follow" others around.

For those of you who've been bit by the blackberry bug, rest assured, for there is "Twitter Berry" so you get to update your status on the go.

Pomegranate is the New Health Fruit, Say Bye-Bye to Apples and Berries Soon

We have seen several phones taking the cell industry by storm. Lookout blackberry addicts, Pomegranate will change your lifestyle for good and will give a new meaning to the world of communication.
It's really something! Cell phone that has more benefits other than used for talking and taking pictures!
Here are some of its innovative characteristics:
Global Voice Translator: Select the language you want your speech to be translated to and then just hold the screen side of the device to your mouth and voila! another language..
Projector: you can project presentations and movies into vivid whitescreen format
Coffee brewer: this is unbelievable, words cannot explain
Shaver: very practical. Bet you thought it wasn't possible
Harmonica: although I think we can do without it;p

I'll leave you with the video..enjoy